how we making bear

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Mike introduce us the concpet, basic princeple and work flow.

basic work flow

  1. malted barley -> just buy it
  2. mash the barley (with 60~66 degree) -> generate wort
  3. boil the wort
    1. sterilises
    2. does protein staff
  4. ferment the wolt
    1. add yeast(eat sugar) -> produce alcohol


possible solutions for heater

  1. urn: with electric water boiler
  2. pot on an electric hot plate
  3. pot with "suicide wands"



basic requirements

  1. the urn have to bigger than 45L
  2. the tap large, and able to seperate with the urn
  3. the power of heater better to greater than 2500w


then the hardware team appeal by the idea that:

  1. We might(?) could have great tasted bear to drink which is also organical
  2. Give full play to our hardware talents.
  3. Fun to learn how to brew

then we had a brain storm:

  1. idea 1 - Two urn: one smaller one inside the bigger one, with water between, so we can heat the malted barley and water evenly. it was saw to be done in somewhere.


  2. idea 2 - outside urn heat exchanger: let the heator outside the urn make us easier to control the temperature and safter for the wort.


  3. idea 3 - cover lid: no complex requirement, dig holes on the lid, put a 'suicide wands' and some sensors throught the holes.


  4. idea 4 - water heater: buy a ready-made product for water heater, and then transform it


for sure, our professional sommelier won't absent for every discussion.



It's a hardware project, we won't want to start from forging. we have limitation on process. with those great ideas in mind, we need to:

  1. research the situation we are
  2. find thought that could inspire us
  3. find units that available to us

ready made products for sale

units available to us

the products above are amazing, but:

  1. we won't have as much fun as we make our own hands dirty
  2. we won't learn as much as we build it step by step.

let continue our searching:

key words

  1. brewing kettle bali valve
  2. heat exchanger recirculating mash system
  3. Rims recirculating infusion Mash system
  4. kettle heat exchanger tube
  5. ative boil








plan discussion

we discuss our start plan with those princeples:

  1. we want a lean start up to meet only minimum functionality that's making bear.
  2. we want making bear as soon as possible, we will choose ready-made component if we reckon make it will take too long.
  3. we have neither good a mechenical skill or equipements, we don't want the mechenical component to be to complex for the initial version.
  4. we want try to start with minimum mechenical units because it cost most in the project, hard to delivery from the seller, take lots of space and most important it's not software, we can not rebuild it easily if we don't satisifed with it or we broken it.

the plan come up with this:


  1. use one pot for both mashing and boiling
  2. choose pot buidin with electric hot plate
  3. turn on and off the electric power to control the temperature
  4. choose arduino to monitor, control and display the whole process


wow… shopping list


for our discussed blueprint, we have units list below to buy, each with specification and price, we can then vote on them:

*: nice to have

  1. [X] pot
    1. yu xiang pot
      • size: 60L
      • power: 2500W
      • price: 438 RMB
      • img and buy link


  2. [X] leaky bucket
    1. first candidate
      • size: 27.5x27.5cm
      • price: 96RMB ~ 240RMB
      • img and buy link


    2. second candicate
      • size: 36x36cm ~ 42x42cm
      • price: 105RMB ~ 125RMB
      • img and buy link


  3. [ ] relay
  4. [X] Arduino x1
  5. [ ] clock x1
    1. DS3231 AT24C32
      • price: 4.5 RMB
      • voltage: 3.3v ~ 5.5v
      • precision: 2ppm on condition 0~40 degree tempareture
      • img and buy link


  6. [ ] sensor (temperation) x2
    1. PT100
      • price: 10 ~ 50 RMB
      • precision: 0.1 ~ 0.5 degree
      • img and buy link


  7. [X] LCD x1 (qingbo)
    1. OLED display 12864
      • price: 15.30 RMB
      • voltage: 2.8v ~ 5.5v
      • display: 128x64 pixel


  8. [ ] keyboard
  9. [ ] * beep

work tasking