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pager duty

IT on-call schedule management, alerting and incident tracking. Rea staff take turn to play role of pager duty. pager duty

there is also a mobile app which can notify the pager dutier anytime anywhere.

pager duty's data source


nodeping The term "node" can have several meanings. The one we are meaning is generically "something on a distributed network or in the cloud." In other words, the device your site or service is running on. A ping is a networking utility used to test the reachability of something on a network. Actually, the point of NodePing is monitoring services, not devices, and HTTP checks are more common than PING checks, but we didn't think "Lots of HTTP checks and some other stuff" had the same ring to it.


with some configurations in newrelic, for most mesurement newrelic have, you can set a threshold to trigger an alert or incident. for example error rate > 5% , newrelic will send message to pager duty about this. newrelic


the dash board provide visibility of the person who play pager duty today and next day. the incident details received by pager duty.(customrized format)

pager duty blog

there also a plan not execute yet that is: the person is on pager duty write a pager duty blog that day which should record

  1. the incidents remained when he/she play this role.
  2. the incident triggered that day.
  3. the context to handover to the next pager dutier.